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  • Rodeo Screams Release Video and Single for "My City"

    Rodeo Screams Release Video and Single for "My City"

      In a world of malevolent forces, one band known as Rodeo Screams is forced to perform an epic show and embark on a journey for survival. As night falls, Rodeo Screams takes the stage, unaware that the audience is not what it seems. As the band plays, the crowd transforms, revealing their true, monstrous nature, trapping the band and a few unassuming patrons in a nightmarish battle for survival. With each chord and shriek, Rodeo Screams must fight not just for their lives but to prevent this primordial terror from escaping into the world. The desert becomes a bloody...

  • Floating Witch's Head release single "Movin' On"

    Floating Witch's Head release single "Movin' On"

    Floating Witch’s head is a garage-psych power trio. Fans of Dead Moon, Black Lips, Guided By Voices, Osees, The Kinks, MJ Lenderman and The Schizophonics will find the craftsmanship, grit and songwriting of Floating Witch’s Head easy to love. This 3-piece from THE Boise, Idaho, wield overdriven guitars and organs with synth bass lines driven by the beats of a drummer that is an absolute force.  At the heart of Floating Witch's Head is the songwriting of Travis Ward—also the frontman of the nearly 20-years active Hillfolk Noir. While Hillfolk Noir is very much a folk oriented affair, Floating Witch’s Head is a sweaty, gritty, tube-driven, garage-y...

  • Untold Stories at Treefort Music Fest 2024

    Untold Stories at Treefort Music Fest 2024

    Come check out all the amazing bands on Untold Stories: A Compilation at Treefort Music Fest 2024. Scram Signal - Sun, Mar 24 5:00 PM at Shrine Social Club (Ballroom) Floating Witch's Head - Sat, Mar 23 11:30 PM at Neurolux Dirt Russell - Sun, Mar 24 6:40 PM at Shrine Social Club (Basement) Bone Haus - Sun, Mar 24 9:00 PM at The Shredder Rodeo Screams - Wed, Mar 20 6:00 PM at Neurolux Porcelain Tongue. - Sat, Mar 23 4:20 pm at The Shredder Rat Champion - Fri, Mar 22 6:50 pm at The Shredder xox - Thu, Mar 21 1:00 am at The Shredder Trauma Kit - Fri, Mar 22 9:00 pm at The Shredder...

  • New Scram Signal Video

    New Scram Signal Video

    This song is an excerpt of "SCRAM5", which is part of a compilation and can be purchased on vinyl on the "Untold Stories: A Compilation". Footage of the National Reactor Testing Station in Idaho is provided courtesy of the US National Archives.