Our First Release! Untold Stories: A Compilation

Moon Ruins is incredibly excited to partner with our friends at Mishap to release Untold Stories: A Compilation. This sampling of Boise music has been pressed to wax on beautiful milky clear vinyl with black and sky blue splatter. It features everything from drone, psych, garage, punk, post-punk, with a light smattering of indie and hip hop.

The first single, SCRAM5 from Scram Signal was released on 2/16/24 and consists of music by Brett Netson and Jake Hite. Scram Signal creates minimalist drone comprised of psychedelic guitar, pounding drums, and tripped out oscillators.

Untold Stories: A Compilation will be released April 19, 2024


Side "Moon Ruins"
Scram Signal - SCRAM5
Floating Witch's Head - Movin' On
Dirt Russell - Equalizer
Bone Haus - ACAB & Y
Rodeo Screams - My City

Side "Mishap"
Porcelain Tongue - Quick to Blame
Rat Champion - Flux
xox - No Diamonds
Trauma Kit - Zaibatsu
Cigs Inside - High Steppin'
Bailey Allen Baker - Daniel Plainview
Chief Broom - Don't Feel at Home