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  • Floating Witch's Head release single "Movin' On"

    Floating Witch's Head release single "Movin' On"

    Floating Witch’s head is a garage-psych power trio. Fans of Dead Moon, Black Lips, Guided By Voices, Osees, The Kinks, MJ Lenderman and The Schizophonics will find the craftsmanship, grit and songwriting of Floating Witch’s Head easy to love. This 3-piece from THE Boise, Idaho, wield overdriven guitars and organs with synth bass lines driven by the beats of a drummer that is an absolute force.  At the heart of Floating Witch's Head is the songwriting of Travis Ward—also the frontman of the nearly 20-years active Hillfolk Noir. While Hillfolk Noir is very much a folk oriented affair, Floating Witch’s Head is a sweaty, gritty, tube-driven, garage-y...