Rodeo Screams Release Video and Single for "My City"


In a world of malevolent forces, one band known as Rodeo Screams is forced to perform an epic show and embark on a journey for survival. As night falls, Rodeo Screams takes the stage, unaware that the audience is not what it seems. As the band plays, the crowd transforms, revealing their true, monstrous nature, trapping the band and a few unassuming patrons in a nightmarish battle for survival.

With each chord and shriek, Rodeo Screams must fight not just for their lives but to prevent this primordial terror from escaping into the world. The desert becomes a bloody arena of horror, where survival depends on the power of music, and facing the darkness within.

“My City” is a chilling, high-octane ride into the heart of darkness, blending punk rock rebellion with supernatural terror. This is one show where the screams are real, and the encore could mean death. Will Rodeo Screams escape to rock another day, or will their first major gig become their last? Tune in for a horror experience that hits all the right notes.