Floating Witch's Head

You Look Like a Rainbow

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Release Date: July 12, 2024

We are extremely excited to announce "You Look Like a Rainbow"—the first full length album by Boise's own garage-psych power trio, Floating Witch's Head. This limited edition "psychedelic sunset" LP is pressed into a 3-color Orchid/Tangerine/Canary swirl.

In the simplest of terms, fans of psych-rock by way of Dead Moon, Black Lips, Guided By Voices, Osees, The Kinks, MJ Lenderman and The Schizophonics will find the overdriven guitars, organs, Moog bass lines and driving rhythms easy to love.

At the heart of Floating Witch's Head is the songwriting of Travis Ward—also the frontman of the nearly 20-years active Hillfolk Noir. While Hillfolk Noir is very much a folk oriented affair, Floating Witch’s Head is a sweaty, gritty, tube-driven, garage-y milieu. Joined by Eric Gilbert on organs/synths and Michael Mitchell on drums, this is a band dedicated to the artistry of music and all the little things in a song that make it great.

Ward’s open guitar tunings and overdriven amps lend themselves to a very heavy, psychedelic blues-oriented guitar. Gilbert on keys provides organ leads and soundscapes while providing perfectly punchy round basslines through his Moog synth. Then there’s Mitchell on the drums whose taste on the kit balances driving rhythms with laid back beats in all the right moments.

This pressing is limited to 300.

Side "Heads"

Ghost On You (I Put A)
Mouse Trap
Little Tiny Wings
Medicine Man

Side "Tails"

Movin' On
Fuzzy Details
Come On
Wolfman (Feelin' Like A)
911 (Someone Call)